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8 Aug 2016 ... PokerJuice supports a very wide range of hand history (HH) formats. We also support several HH converters so it is very rare that a HH... ... We currently support the native HH format from the following poker sites: PokerStars ... TwoPlusTwo Hand Converter · WeakTight Converter · PokerTracker 4 Converter. PokerJuice Software - pokerjuice.com - Zendesk What poker sites do you support? ... Hand History Formats · PokerTracker 4 Converter · WeakTight Converter · TwoPlusTwo Hand Converter (BBCode) · Export ... WCOOP BAP - Rail - PokerNet 2 Sep 2018 ... Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter. $100. Stacks: UTG Hero (51,765) 104bb. UTG+1 Bukmeikar406 ... Hand Converter | Flop Turn River 22 Jul 2009 ... Online Poker tool used to convert plain text hand histories into much easier to read formats. You can then post these at various online poker ...

The WeakTight Converter will convert a wide range of hand history formats into BBCode. BBCode is markup language supported by many forums. This BBCode is also supported by PokerJuice. So in cases where your native hand history format is not supported by PokerJuice, converting it to BBCode is a viable option. How to convert a hand into BBCode. 1.

How to convert pokertracker hand history for posting? I copy/pasted my hand history from PokerTracker3, but the Two Plus Two Hand converter said that "no valid data detected" or something like that. I assumed this would be in the FAQ, bit didn't find it. Poker Hand History HH Converter | Hand History Converter Below is the documentation regarding the supported sites of the hand converter. Some rooms may have different inputs depending if the hand history file is directly from the site, or if it has been stored in tracking software such as Poker Tracker or Hold’em Manager. All rooms listed below should work for both, but if you find any that do not, please let us know. Poker Hand History Database Free Download - Recevez vos ... Poker hand history database free download Click and playPoker Hand History Converter Database – Poker Tools. Pokeit takes the hand histories your poker client creates and assembles the data into a. Once you download and install it, the client will run in the background on your. Import Hand History – pokerjuice.com You can open a hand history in PokerJuice by right-clicking the board and selecting Paste Hand History (provided you have copied one or more hand histories to the clipboard). PokerJuice supports hand copy/pasted from: Holdem Manager; PokerTracker; WeakTight Converter; TwoPlusTwo Converter; For a complete list of Supported Hand History Formats ...

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Poker Hand Histories and datamining | HHSmithy.com HHSmithy Auto-Downloader FREE for all customers! Automatically download, unzip and import hand histories into your poker tracking software of choice every day at your selected time or over selected time intervals. Experience the HHSmithy hand history downloader just once and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Never forget a download

Reading poker books, online poker forums, watching videos, and so on, is definitely more productive than going through hand histories of high stakes pro's. You would have no idea why they're doing what they're doing. There are generally two types of players a poker regular has to concern himself with. Fish and other regulars.

weaktight | fold when you know you're beat WeakTight is the number one poker hand review and line check community. Convert and Publish Online Poker Hands and Poker Sessions for Free. Small Stakes NL Hold'em Small Stakes ($25NL and lower): Basic No-Limit Hold'em strategies and general NLH discussions.

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Supported Hand History Formats. Morten Poulsen. August 08, 2016 09:00.PokerJuice supports a very wide range of hand history (HH) formats. We also support several HH converters so it is very rare that a HH cannot be imported to PokerJuice somehow.WeakTight Converter. The latest innovations of online poker: Hand History

How to post a hand – Raise Your Edge! | Forum Or use a hand history converter like weaktight.com / handconverter.com and convert to forum format with their conversion tools.Can you please explain how exactly you want hands to be posted if weaktight and handcoverter is not operative? Step by step guide for dummies would be great. Poker Hand Converter [Paid] | XenForo community